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Cat Naps after the Christmas Commotion

For anyone following along this month, the world of cats has been the topic of conversation. If you haven't already realized that "the world is a cat playing with Australia," you do now!

You all remember Theo, the tornado cat. I received pictures of his brother, Frankie. Like Theo, Frankie is also hearing impaired, and its eyes are two different color eyes, blue and green. He can hear out of the eye that is on his green eye side.

You will understand why that is when you read more about the W gene.

Purrfect to end my month-long blogging about National Cat Lovers Month are pictures of cats tuckered out after the Christmas company commotion. I will start by continuing The Adventures of Tornado Theo. I received cute pictures, with one having a note, "Someone is worn out today after playing with the kids last night and today."

Ha, hours later, I received a video with a note, "he has been nuts today." Theo's human papa rigged a toy to hopefully keep him occupied. My response, "forget about being empty nesters!" LOL

Here is sweet Phoebe, an extremely social cat that travels back and forth from Alabama to North Carolina. She is making whatever home she is in her world.

It's interesting to point out that Phoebe is pure white with dark eyes. She hears everything and is very smart, listening to hours of medical school jargon.

Simon is a good sport with his family's new puppy, but sometimes he is pooped from all the puppy play. Sammy is finally tired. Simon is the best dog sitter the family could have at home.

One of my friends sent me these pics of her nine-month-old kittens. I know; they are not tiny. They are Siberian Neva Masquerade cats, and they will be about twenty pounds. They are very playful, and you can tell from these pictures after entertaining sixteen family members for Christmas! I can only imagine the thoughts running through their kitty-cat minds. "Just let me sit back for a while," and I cannot move another inch."

One of my cats, Tyeger, was weirded out by two stockings on the floor. He was on the down-low, creeping around to see if they move. He kept a watchful eye on them until the unwrapping frenzy began. He had to retreat to his new igloo sleeper.

Here is adorable Lizzie, and I believe she is thinking, "I'm not napping until I ring in the New Year!"

Along with Lizzie, until next Friday, I wish you a~

~Laura Beth

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