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Anticipating the Final Dance with Solar Excitement

While the Women's Final Four Championship is on Sunday, the Men's Final Four is on Monday, April 8th, the same day as the solar eclipse.

I think it's so cool that UCONN and NC STATE are represented at The Final Four by their men and women. For the men, I am pulling for NC STATE!

For the women, tonight will determine who faces off on Sunday. There will be some rousing moves across the courts, and the number of TV viewers is making headlines.

Who am I pulling for? I want to see the Lady Gamecocks take on the Lady Hawkeyes and the last dance led by the ladies from the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA.

Before I sign off and put my attention on the courts, we cannot forget about Tornado Theo. Just when he seems calm and cuddly, he's leaping and looking for attention.

It's gametime! You don't want to miss some great basketball. LET'S GO SOUTH CAROLINA!

As your friendly reminder, please drive safely along the roads and highways. See you here next Friday. ~Laura Beth

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