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Cat Chat

Before anything, I have to say CONGRATULATIONS to the Lady Gamecocks! What an exciting game. With a rough start, they finished their season with perfection.

I am a bit late delivering my blog this week. My Missy Moo Midnight's health is declining. It's sad, but I am glad I can be attentive to her needs. Currently, she is eating and seems comfortable, especially in my lap.

Moving on to cool cat chat, there was a historical eclipse event last week. One of my relatives was kind enough to take some awesome pictures of T.C., aka Tom's Cat, during their time outdoors. She looks to have enjoyed the mesmerizing moments.

Eventually, there will be some interesting data about how animals reacted during this month's total eclipse. Maybe you have something to share.

Even without an eclipse, animal behavior is something interesting to learn. For anyone considering cat adoption, understanding basic cat behavior may help.

In my adventure-filled seven-book saga, Lacey and Jillie have challenging moments learning how to handle their unique kittens.

When it comes to Tornado Theo, there is always something to tell. He has some fearless behaviors. With some video editing, this captures Theo with the magic of my cat characters, Miss Virginia, Tye, Tess, and Tea.

Speaking of being fearless, "one of the most captivating aspects of their behavior is their hunting instinct." My Tyeger cat loves to pounce on his toy rats, toss them in the air, and carry them around. Being a rescued cat, Missy Moo is happy not to have to capture her food. Her favorite toy used to be a small ball that she loved to dribble between her front paws.

One of my cat friends with two adorable cats gets greeted with toys piled up at the door to welcome them back home. The male cat works hard at drowning his rat while his sister lazily watches as if to say, "You know we don't have to work for our food." As mine do, her cats have distinct behaviors. I love visiting them and get a big welcome when I enter their cattery. As they say, "cats rule the roost."

Getting back to Tornado Theo, he has unique behaviors. While my cats beg for their daily brushings, this family cat gets vacuum grooming that he loves. I am sure this fearless feline has a lot more to inspire laughable chats.

We have covered lots of CATastic information to read and chat about with family and friends. Until next week, please remember to drive safe because "Distracted Driving" is dangerous driving. ~Laura Beth

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