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Puzzling Challenges are Great for Spring Rainy Days

Trying to think of something to do on a rainy weekend in January, I thought a jigsaw puzzle would be fun and challenging. With the health benefits, it's a delightful pastime for those days when you may be stuck inside with nothing to do.

With so many puzzles to order, it took me a couple of days to decide what I wanted to piece together. I decided if I put so much time into hunting through all those puzzle pieces, I would use the end product for decor. I have a guestroom that I call my artsy cat room. With a vibrant bedspread, I wanted a puzzle with those beautiful colors. While I purchased my puzzle from Amazon, I also found the Puzzle Warehouse.

Along with my puzzle, I purchased a rollup mat to house my puzzle in progress, a puzzle-piece storage system, and glue to hold the pieces together. As you can see, I have completed my puzzle. One piece is missing! I plan on contacting the seller to see if I can get that one piece. In the meantime, I will also begin a search for a frame at the thrift stores I love to go treasure hunting. 

Well, you could always read an exciting saga on a rainy day. The cats are a puzzling challenge for the two older cousins, Lacey and Jillie.

It's different for the younger cousin, Nadia. She and Tea have an instant bond. As the title of her book suggests, Nadia's Sweet Tea is a delightful tale for young readers to enjoy. Nadia's challenges are far more trying than dealing with unusual felines.

I love this book cover. It holds lots of memories for me. The barn in the background of Nadia and her beautiful horse was once home to my grandfather's farm animals, where I loved searching for newborn kittens in the hayloft with my siblings and cousins. In my family saga, a barn like this is where lots of excitement happens. 

For all of you who have been following to keep up with Tornado Theo, he gives his humans many challenges. He loves to play hard, continuing to knock drinks over as he flies through the air across the tabletops. I recently heard someone forgot the new rule: "Do Not Set Your Cup Down." 

What I love the most is where and how he falls asleep. No matter the challenges this deaf kitty creates, he's surrounded with loving care. 

For all you Star Wars fan, "MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU."

Before you hit the roads and highways, please drive with safety in mind. ~Laura Beth

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