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Will You Hear the Howls of a January Moon?

I have always been fascinated by wolves and how live in hierarchy-ruled packs. Something I did not know that "North American Indians named their most powerful warriors after wolves."

As our month moves through the moon's phases, our full moon will be on January 25th. Commonly called the Wolf Moon, January is supposedly a time when wolves are more active and howling. The howls may be more noticeable while so much of nature is quieter at this time of year.

When you read my adventure-filled series, animals are a big part of the storyline. Wolves appear throughout my magical mystery, and they are dynamic in Graduation Summer, the climax of my series.

You don't want to read this until you start at the beginning with 2 Girls, 2 Cats: A Magical Mystery. You can start with the prequel, Jake - The Gatekeeper, which I wrote way into the series to tell one boy's incredible story.

As you may know, or you can see, cats are a big part of my series. As I said, I would add a "CATastrophy Update" to keep up on Tornado Theo, the deaf kitty, and other adorable felines.

This tale will make you chuckle. Most cabinets in Theo's home now have child-proof locks because he knows how to open them and slide right inside. My sister-in-law opened the cabinet with all the glassware, and there he was! I think he's acting out a scene from my book, LACEY and Her Tigers! You have to read it to know what happens. As I keep telling my family members, it's a magical mystery that never ends. LOL

Thinking of the coming Wolf Moon, I wonder what Theo will do on the 25th. Animals supposedly go a bit wild during this phase of the moon.

Tornado Theo's cat cousin, Phoebe, is a lot more docile. She must know she has to be good while her human mommy studies hard in medical school.

Until next Friday, I hope everyone stays safe and warm during our big winter storms. Be sure to drive safely. If you must venture out in the winter weather, review how to stay as safe as possible. ~Laura Beth

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