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Why Girls Take the Lead in Laura Beth's Series?

My son questioned why I made girls the main characters. That is a great question, and there are several reasons. Being a girl is the first reason. Second, when I was sitting with my son, nieces, and nephews on the farmhouse porch, the girls were taking charge of the conversations, and they were so sassy and spunky. Third, it's my childhood memories mixed with lots of my imagination that created my magical mystery.

I loved writing my series. The words flowed for me, except for one book. Nadia's Sweet Tea was hard to write. I developed writer's block. At the same time, women were asking me about Uncle Jake. They were falling in love with him, LOL. I must say, he is a cool guy. I originally only had six books planned out. With questions about my character, Jake, and the fact I was having writer's block with Nadia's Sweet Tea, I decided to tell Jake's story and create Jake-The Gatekeeper that boys would love to read and get into my books.

I have readers as young as eight and as old as ninety-eight. It's for the entire family, especially if you have a farm, grew up on a farm, love animals, or you're looking for unforgettable adventures.

When you scroll through my pictures, you may wonder why there is a picture of tree bark. Read Jake's story to discover the mystery of the tree bark. An elementary teacher used

Jake-The Gatekeeper as a class project for multiple grades, teaching her students about creating their own story. It was an honor to meet and participate in the teacher's classes. I am always happy to ZOOM into a classroom!

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