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Today is Cat Herders Day!

It's so fun to learn and share new things. Maybe you already know that December 15th, like every day, is full of celebrations ,with one being Cat Herders Day. I know, you're probably saying, "What?!"

Oh yeah! Cat Herders Day is a real thing that dates back to the 1980s. While it has nothing to do with cats, the term "like herding cats" became a phrase for managing the chaos of doing business and inspired a book on management during the next decade. I also must mention the album Herding Cats by Gaelic Storm, which came out in 1999. 

At the beginning of the following decade, the term inspired the creation of a commercial by the company EDS for Super Bowl XXXIV. (Be sure to make it full screen to enjoy the effects.)

You will love how the actors roll a ball of yarn, rescue cats from a tree, compare scratch wounds, and sneeze. The one riding in the saddle with the cowboy looks just like my Tyeger. I am the only cowgirl who can herd him.

Back to The Adventures of Tornado Theo. If you haven't been following my December blogs in dedication to National Cat Lovers Month, let me catch you up. Be sure to glance backward in time for some giggles and laughs. It's good for the soul.

Theo is a deaf kitty adopted by relatives in North Carolina. When I met him, he was new to the family and very docile and sweet.

A few months have passed, and he is growing up fast and fearless. I think his deafness is what is giving him his confidence and igniting his curiosity. He's into everything, and they never know where they may find him and what he might be into.

For us not living with the little tornado, we love the laughs and our calm cats this holiday season: Phoebe pleasantly waiting for Santa by the door, Simon patiently ready to be wrapped up as a big surprise, and Tyeger peacefully enjoying some winter warmth.

As for my relatives, they are holding their breath for the next CATastrophic occurrence. He's "digging" the Christmas presents, claiming his gift, perfectly posing with his holiday bowtie, and leaving evidence he has been enjoying a winter's nap under the tree.

He now knows where his treats are behind a wire-tied cabinet door. But wait, he gets the tie off, so next comes a baby lock. I cannot wait to hear what happens next. I am sure Santa will enjoy Theo when he visits. Hopefully, he leaves a special gift for him to unwrap. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Until next Friday, continuing a celebration of National Cat Lover's Month, I share a picture of my Missy Moo Midnight enjoying a festive nap.

~"And to all, a good night" - Laura Beth

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