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The Cute and Silly Madness of Animals

In my seven-book series, animals play a big part in the saga. They are quite amazing.

In every pet family, there are lots of cute and silly moments, especially when you have multiple house pets. It can be very entertaining. You will love watching my sister's cat and dog at play. Don't you love how Simon the cat waits for his surprise attack?

My cats, mother, and son, are now in their senior years. While they still love to play, they are more into seeing who can dominate my lap. Missy Moo Midnight has taught her son well. She demands respect, and she continues to let him lean on her. She's a good mommy.

Let's not forget Tornado Theo. For all of you who have been following my Friday blogs, you know he is deaf. My sister-in-law believes he must hear something, because he seems all ears when she sings, practicing for Easter Sunday.

That's not all for Tornado Theo. He met his match last week when my great-nephew took on the feisty feline. Like JAKE, The Gatekeeper, I think this young boy is great with animals. He knows how to tame even the most ferocious beast. If I had a Theo character in my books, he would probably turn into a Cheetah because he's so fast. .

Until next Friday, keep safety in mind as you travel this holiday weekend.

Happy Easter! ~Laura Beth

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