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October: A Vibrant Month to Remember our Teachers

For me, October has always been one of the best months of the fall season. One of the most beautiful things about autumn is the changing of the leaves. I hope you have the time to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway when the leaves are changing. You may be captivated by the beauty. October is the peak time of the year to see and capture the carpet of colors.

A Captivating Fall Picture

Something I remember from my childhood is learning about leaves by creating a leaf collection book. In my school days, we used wax paper, but now you have laminating pages that will allow you to create a long-lasting childhood memory.

The fall season also marks a vibrant time in my seven-book saga. Not only will you travel to the mountains of North Carolina with my character, Jake, but Jillie will also take you on an adventure that will leave you with a question. Is it real, or is it only Laura Beth's imagination? As I always say, "The magic and the mystery never end."

Fall harvests are times for celebrating!

There is more to talk about when it comes to October. For me, it's more about the treats than the tricks. Just wait, fun and tasty treats to come.

There is a reason I released this blog today, October 5th. It's National Teacher's Day. I loved school, partly due to the dedicated teachers who encouraged me to grow in knowledge and creativity.

Since I was young, I have loved to write. In my senior year of high school, I took a creative writing class with an assignment to write an essay on a magazine picture selected by the teacher. I remember her walking through the aisles and ripping the pages she decided to hand out. Some people had beautiful beach and mountain scenes. I received a picture of a red rose without a stem or leaves. I was not overjoyed.

Once I started looking at the picture, I began to see all the beauty of the flower. When you hold a rose in the palm of your hand, the delicate beauty you see is undeniably unforgettable. I was so honored when my teacher asked me if she could keep it. With many fond memories of my teachers, thank you to teachers everywhere!

Happy International Teacher's Day!

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Kathryn Reitzel
Kathryn Reitzel
05. Okt. 2023
Mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet.

Laura Beth, your blogs bring back childhood memories. Keep blogging🐱

Gefällt mir
Laura Beth
Laura Beth
06. Okt. 2023
Antwort an

Definitely more to come! See you back here soon.

Gefällt mir
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