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SeaCrittures Ignite the Imagination and Smiles!

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

You never know what you may discover along a beach. During my walks on a beach along the Gulf of Florida, I saw the same rock every day for three days. On the third day, I decided to pick it up and take it home. , Admiring the stone, it ignited my imagination. And so, I turned it into a unique sea creature with shark teeth for eyes, cat paw shells for front flippers, and another beach find for its back flipper. I decided to adorn it with one more shark tooth on its body.

In the following two days, I picked up two pieces of coral and two more rocks that caught my eye. Soon, I created what I called "SeaCrittures."

As I showed them off to my family, I got responses questioning my sanity, LOL. "Are you okay?" "Mom, you're playing with rocks?" Then, I traveled to North Carolina to visit my extended family with my SeaCrittures in tow. The laughter that came out of some of my family was bellyaching. They all thought I was nuts, but they were igniting smiles.

As friends and family began to welcome one into their home, office, or garden, I decided it was time to introduce them to the world. After two years of teaching myself how to manipulate pictures and turn them into artistic prints, The SeaCrit Garden is now out to ignite fun and imagination.

Enjoy a few pictures of my book in the making. Check out the beach stone. What does it look like to you? It's interesting how you imagine the rock and what I may see.

Contact me if you're looking for a fun science project.

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