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SeaCrittures Here, There, and Anywhere You Search

SeaCrittures come in many different forms. When you know what you're looking for, you can discover them almost anywhere.

While one special SeaCritture traveled from the Gulf of Mexico to the International Gymnastics Camp, campers soon discovered Poconos SeaCrittures. Look how unique each one looks.

Florida SeaCritture Goes to Camp in the Poconos

(Look for the arrow in the white circle to scroll through SeaCrittures from the Poconos.)

Soon, my SeaCrittures will take you to delightful places or share fun or fascinating discoveries. Here, you will see some other adorable SeaCrittures my niece and friends were excited to welcome into their homes when they were in college. They create smiles!

Meet: Sarge, Gelp, Wag, Dazo, Sizz, and Ged

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