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Sea Glass: Exciting to Find for Unique Creations

I have been looking for another unique SeaCritture. Look what I found! I am calling it a "bejeweled" SeaCritture. It appears this SeaCritture has a piece of sea glass as a distinguishing feature. I have decided to name it Glazgo. It's simply adorable.

I love collecting beautiful pieces of sea glass. Some pieces are exceptionally smooth with a frosted characteristic. Other pieces are still sharp and shiny glass. Here is my small collection. Notice that there is more green sea glass. The green ones remind me of Gulf waters.

Beautiful gems created by tumbling in the oceans.
Laura Beth's Sea Glass Collection

The glossy pieces have not been tumbling around long enough to acquire the frosted appearance that makes them perfect for creating one-of-a-kind jewelry. As you will find out when you read about these gems of the sea, the naturally frosted pieces have been tumbling in the waters for approximately two decades or more.

Even if sea glass is not perfect for jewelry, there are creative and fun ways to design beautiful things from these gems of the sea.

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