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Picture-Purrfect Cat Perches

For those of us who have feline family members, we know how they love to perch. Like cats in the wild, most cats love being up high to scope out the activity below. These cat-climbing wall plans may help you design the perfect perching wall.

Tornado Theo has a window perch. For this deaf cat, he must want to see everything. Theo is lucky to have a loving home with people who make his world comfy and safe.

When you read my seven-book family saga, you will see how Lacey and Jillie had many challenges with the adorable and beastly kittens they found and adopted.

The girls never know when their cats, Tye and Tess, may appear as sweet kittens or ferocious beasts. It all depends upon the danger the cats may sense.

TC, a family member's cat, efficiently turned an open drawer into the purrfect winter perch. Who needs a fancy cat bed? An open dresser drawer is all a cat wants.

While cats warm the hearts of many, there are a lot of cat days to celebrate all year round.

Next Friday will be March 1st, and that means March Madness! Until then, keep safety in mind when driving the roads and highways. ~Laura Beth

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