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Missy Moo Midnight - The Cat That Found Me

My sweet cat, Missy Moo Midnight, crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, April 16, 2024. Since January 2013, she has given my family years of joy. The adventures with this once-stray cat have created unforgettable memories for me. Below is only a tidbit of Missy Moo Midnight's story.

After a few weeks of giving this skinny stray cat food and water every morning and every evening, this sweet kitten filled out and began showing she had kittens on board.

At this point, she became part of the family. After about two weeks, I earned her trust to move her inside. With guidance from my veterinarian, I gave her a comfortable and safe place to have her babies.

On March 28, 2013, her babies were born in my home. I cannot find the picture of Midnight and her one-day-old kittens in her fancy cat condo. But I have this adorable five-day-old picture of the triplets in the back corner of my closet that surprisingly became home to Midnight and her kittens. I also cannot put my hands on some adorable videos of the kittens after their eyes opened and ventured out of the closet. I enjoyed mornings and evenings spending time with Midnight and her kittens. (From left to right, my son initially called them Bow, Una, and Frogger. Naming and raising these kittens are more stories to tell.) 

While Tigger (Bow) and Hope (Una), named by their adoptive families, were blessed with loving homes, I kept Tyeger (Frogger). He was scared of the world from the moment he opened his eyes. He was always hiding behind his mommy, but he did find comfort in my lap. Until she became ill, Midnight continued to care for her son.

Of course, I have over eleven years of memories with Missy Moo Midnight. Here are a handful of remembrances of my life with the cat that found me. She has been a beautiful blessing. As one of my nephews always said, "It's all good."

PS - I think she found me from all the cat chatter in the neighborhood. My home was one of the houses where strays knew there was fresh food and water in the morning and warm places to sleep on the cold nights in the winter months.

PSS - 2013 was also when I was hard at work writing the climax of my seven-book series, Graduation Summer. Cats play major roles in my adventure-filled series.

PSSS - Until next week, drive safely along the roads and highways. ~Laura Beth

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