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"Jiminy Crickets," I Found a Thanksgiving SeaCritture

If you're new to my site, you probably have never heard about the adorable SeaCrittures I have discovered. Ha. When I say "discovered," use your imagination. My small picture book, The SeaCrit Garden, is a fun paperback or comic book, as my great-niece referred to her copy. A couple of artistically talented children loved it for the challenging inspiration to draw out my first five I discovered and inspired all the fun. It's even more fun creating your own. One is perfect as a potted plant decor or a paperweight that will bring continuous smiles.

Meet Feathers, my newest SeaCritture discovery with its "turkey wing seashells" you can find all over the Florida Gulf Coast beaches. You will even find them "from the shores of North Carolina south to Brazil and out to Bermuda."

You're probably thinking, Feather looks more like a cricket than a turkey. It's all in the imagination.

Thinking of my blog title as I wrote out "Jiminy Crickets," it made me think about the silliness of the saying and its meaning of being surprised. Where did this saying originate? You have to learn the history behind a beloved Disney Classic, Pinocchio, to understand its origin. Who knew there was so much history in a silly saying?

As you will remember, or you may learn, there is more to Jiminy Cricket than just a cute cricket dressed up like a distinguished gentleman. You and your family may enjoy gathering together this Thanksgiving, popping popcorn, and watching this Disney tale.

Enjoy the show! - Laura Beth

PS - So exciting - I have a topic request from a subscriber. Come back next week for a bit of magical history. As I love to say, "The magic and the mystery never end."

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