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It's Almost Time for the Football Game of the Year!

Now that all our eyes will be on this weekend's 2024 Conference Championships, I was rather excited to see that two particular teams have the possibility of heading to the Super Bowl LVIII. Between the Chiefs and the Ravens, I am pulling for the Chiefs, and between the Lions and the 49ers, I am pulling for the Lions.

Are you asking yourself why? Check out my books. While you won't read about a professional football event, there is a hilarious, family-friendly game in Lacey and Her Tigers, the second book in my series. This match is the football game of the year. Or, should I say, the football game of the centuries! Maybe, you're curious as a certain cat.

Check out what Tornado Theo has been up to this week, actually today. In the spirit of football season, this is Theo's early morning takedown from the mantle and the hearth.

If you read last Friday's blog, I imagine him asking, "Why do you keep putting all these things on my catwalks?"

As of this writing on Thursday evening, he is nowhere to be found. With a slight clue of a cabinet door left slightly ajar, Theo's human mommy finally finds him behind all the cooking appliances. Every day is an adventure with Tornado Theo, the cutest deaf kitty you ever met.

I'll end today's blog with another road safety reminder. It's so important to know how to safely drive with care to avoid the hazards of the roads and highways. You never know what may be in your way. Always drive with safety in mind.

Until next Friday, let's go, Kansas City Chiefs and Detroit Lions! ~Laura Beth

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