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It's 2024! Leap into the Year with These Fun Ideas

We're now in a leap year, and if you're trying to remember why, here is a simple answer to help children understand why we add an extra day every four years.

To put it in a nutshell, "We have leap years because instead of 365 days, the Earth really takes a few minutes less than 365-1/4 days (365.24219) to go completely around the Sun. Without leap years, the seasons would start one day earlier on the calendar every four years. After 360 years, spring (which usually begins on March 21) would begin on December 21 (which is when winter presently begins)."

If you're looking for easy leap year activities for children, creating bookmarks is always a creative way to entice your child into reading. Sometimes, I create crocheted bookmarks.

And, if you're still searching for an adventurous series for young readers to get into this year, check out my seven-book series. It's a magical mystery that will take readers on an unbelievable journey. I see that Amazon is running a special on some of my books! That is always exciting to me.

Something else I came upon is a great idea for children of all ages to do this month or any month of the year. That is building a bird box. We're only a few months away from Spring when chicks of all types hatch. If you don't want to build one, you can always buy one to decorate. It's fun. I have painted a few in my lifetime.

Here are some tips on "How to Attract Birds to a Birdhouse." If you make one, send me a picture at I will be sure to share!

I have decided to end my blogs in 2024 with a "CATastrophy Update" to continue The Adventures of Tornado Theo, my deaf nephew cat, and other hilarious feline experiences that I learn of from family, friends, and anyone who wants to send me a fun picture of their cat(s). Remember, it is a cat's world!

First, Theo did get the child lock off the cabinet that holds his food and treats. LOL! Theo's human parents must be so careful. He has already checked out the refrigerator at Thanksgiving, fell asleep in the washing machine, and now explored the dishwasher. They never know where he will show up or when he will leap from the rafters. He reminds me of my cat characters, Tye and Tess, very mysteriously appearing at any moment.

Until next Friday, have a fantastic beginning to 2024! ~Laura Beth

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