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From a Ragbag of Scraps to a Quilted Collage Creation

Do you have a hodge podge of scrap material and old t-shirts lying around? It's time to fill up your ragbag and start creating a beautiful piece of art.

One such piece of art is a quilt. Looking back at my memories of a trip to Abingdon, Virginia, one stop was at the William King Museum of Art. Part of the permanent collections are quilts, and they are beautiful creations to see.

And BTW, a special place in Abingdon is running a February special. Creeper's End Lodging is a beautiful place to stay, and its location is perfect for enjoying this quaint Virginia town.

As I have done, you can create a quilt using a sewing machine. Depending upon the type of scraps you have, I found [The Sewing Channel,] where I believe you can easily follow along. I am enjoying learning how to sew by watching online tutorials.

If you have a hodge podge of scrap sizes, check out FAST / EASY / QUILT in ONE DAY !!! Beginner Quilt ~ SCRAPPY CRUMB QUILT.

To work with equally sized material pieces, I think you will find Learn How To Make Your First Quilt In 2023~ Beginner Quilting ~ My First Quilt easy to follow.

No worries If you don't have a sewing machine. You can do one by hand, making it even more special. I did, and it was fun to see it come together.

Without any particular pattern, I just started cutting out my son's old t-shirts to create a quilt of childhood memories. For the size, I didn't want to make something so big I would never finish it in time. I measured out the top of a full-sized bed. It has the quilting batting inside and a solid piece of material for the backing. Yes, all sewn together by hand. It just takes time.

This quilting project took me six months from start to finish whenever I had free time. Eleven years later, it's still holding up to all the washings. I am about to create a ragbag to hold scraps for my next quilt creation and will soon share it on a future blog. You don't have to have a ragbag. A box or plastic bin will also work.

Thinking about beautiful pieces of art, Tornado Theo stood still for a moment in time for the purrfect picture. This cat doesn't stay put for long. His latest adventure took him riding atop a suitcase down an open hallway.

Over nine hours away, Theo's cousin, Phoebe, is content hanging out with friends all day while their people are studying hard.

I think this is a beautiful cat collage. You can transfer pictures onto fabric to create special gifts.

As I end my blog with a roadway safety reminder, I passed three wrecks along my travels this week. Don't forget to be safe along the roads and highways, especially on Super Bowl Sunday. Let's go, Kansas City Chiefs! ~Laura Beth

PS My next blog may not be out until February 23rd. I have some creating to do.

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