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Family Animals and Amazing Animal Facts

After beginning my series in 2010, a stray cat showed up at my door in 2012, just after saying goodbye to our last dog. Upon discovering the cat was expecting, Missy Moo Midnight became a part of the family, bringing three kittens into the world. I think it was part of a magical mystery.

While two of Midnight's kittens went to loving families, I kept Tyeger because I am the only human he trusts. Boy, he is a character for a book. What I love seeing is the way Midnight demands respect from Tyeger. He knows that she is the boss. You might say, I have a tiger and a panther.

Animals have also graced the lives of many family members' homes. It's always sad to say goodbye to our loyal friends. Yet, it's always joyful to welcome a new four-legged family member. What is so neat is when one of the family animals has a characteristic or personality like one of the fascinating creatures in my animal-filled series. Lucky, the dog in the snow, was the inspiration for Lucky Lad in my series. RIP Lucky. Phoebe, the cat in the cabinet is taking direction from my feline character, Tye, in Lacey and Her Tigers.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right: Lucky - a rescue; Simon the cat and Stewie the dog (RIP) were best buddies; Sammy (Simon's new pal); Phoebe - a rescue; Ivanhoe - a rescue; Theo - the newest addition; Cookie - from foster to family.

Here is an amazing animal fact. "The lion has the loudest roar of all the big cats. It can be heard as far as 5km (3 miles) away." Start reading my series, and you will see that this fact resonates in my storyline. The coolest part: I didn't know this while writing my series. Check out the cover of my final book, The Magic and The Mystery! It's most certainly - magical.

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