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CATch the Magical Madness Right Here!

It's March 1st! For all of us who love basketball, it's when the basketball madness begins. Since I have a strong family connection to the USC Gamecocks, I want to congratulate the Lady Gamecocks while they lead the country into the conference countdown.

For the men, I love it when the underdogs rally to take the title home. With that said, my alma mater, Appalachian State, could be that team. It might just be their time if they dominate in their conference showdown. Let the magic begin for the MOUTAINEERS!

Whatever happens on the courts, cat madness lives on when it comes to Tornado Theo's home. I couldn't stop laughing when I heard he set off the glass break alarm while his humans were away from the house last week. No, he didn't break a window out, but he did push a heavy platter on the floor, knock the one magnet off the fridge, and have more fun in an unlocked cabinet. I hear he loves zooming through the house, knocking whatever may be in his way as he leaps across the coffee and end tables. New rule: "Do Not Sit Your Coffee Cup Down!"

To me, Theo is saying, "It's all good here. Life couldn't be better." I know it's a bit maddening for his humans, but this deaf kitty is keeps life interesting.

While many watch the basketballs bounce toward March Madness, I am beginning to arrange the hodge-podge of pretty pink scraps together.

After ironing all the material scraps, it's time to think about a possible pattern. I decided to begin creating squares with these scraps. Thinking about the quilt size, I know it will be on the small size. Next week, I hope to have more. It's almost magical to watch the beauty take shape. And sometimes, it's maddening when the sewing machine stitching isn't perfect. Then again, that is part of the beauty of a homemade quilt.

Let's not forget to travel along the roads and highways with safety on our minds. ~Laura Beth

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