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Candy Canes and the Cute Cats of Christmas

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

December 2023 will soon be a time of the past, but there are still holidays and observances to celebrate during this last week of the year.

One holiday that I thought would be fun to mention is National Candy Cane Day. Candy canes have a beautiful history that goes back hundreds of years.

It's fascinating to know in 1670, a "choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany first bent the sugar sticks into the shape of canes to represent a shepherd's staff." Not yet striped with red, these white candy canes kept children content and hopefully quiet while nativity services were just a wee too long.

Almost two hundred years later, in "1847," the candy cane came to America with "a German immigrant named August Imgard," who adorned his Christmas tree with these sugar-sweet canes. It wasn't until years later that the red stripe with peppermint and wintergreen flavorings created the candy canes we know today. I have never had a wintergreen-flavored candy cane. I love to put a peppermint candy cane in a cup of hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows. It may be a hot cocoa kind of night.

It's a great time to take a break to make yourself a delicious cup of hot chocolate and enjoy my celebratory conclusion of National Cat Lovers Month with a holiday parade of cats. I have to add a few more to The Adventures of Tornado Theo as he has some holiday fun with Frannie, a canine four-legged family member.

Theo continues to bring joy and laughter to his home, and I'm sure 2024 will be filled with CATastrophic experiences as he makes his way through life without hearing a sound. See Theo in the lamp, waiting for someone to see that he took Santa down, and looking adorable with his human mom. I guess the tree got fixed back up.

You may remember Simon, the cat who welcomed his new puppy, Sammy, into the family. Simon has been the best babysitter, and he knows when to put the puppy in his place.

Now, Sammy is growing up. Simon makes sure Sammy knows who is the boss around their house, and it's not the dog. You know what they say - "cats rule, and dogs drool."

Here is sweet Phoebe, a cat that is one of the smartest and well-traveled cats. It's impressive how well she travels and adapts to different surroundings. Her human mommy does a great job socializing her with people and other cats.

I am excited to introduce another extended family member's cat. Meet the adorable tuxedo cat, Lizzie.

Lizzie, like so many cats, loves her special treats. You can tell she is making sure to let her human papa know how much she loves him

I wonder if Theo has figured out how to get the child-proof locks off yet to retrieve his treats when he wants them.

Lizzie certainly has a personality that shines through every picture below.

I do believe Lizzie is saying, "I am the cutest."

See you all back here in a week to help you ring in the New Year. My wishes to all for a VERY MEOWY Christmas! - Laura Beth

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