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Beyond the Madness, Spring Break Adventure Awaits

As March Madness is underway, the men's teams charge forward, while their opponents are left behind. As of this writing, South Carolina women are playing. Go, Lady Gamecocks!

I see the Lady Tarheels just won their game today. Checking out the women's 2024 bracket, the winner of this game will hit the courts against the North Carolina Tarheels. I will be pulling for SC! Sorry Tarheel kinfolk.

Yet, that's not all that's happening in March. Educational institutions are on break so that educators and students have the chance for adventurous fun or much-needed relaxation. "Spring Break 2024" is in full swing across America.

Some families hit the road for a family adventure. Sometimes, it's for sporting events or an educational experience, and sometimes, it's all for fun. While traveling to your Spring Break destination, I am excited to suggest a fun family read. My seven-book family saga is fun for the entire family. Everyone can take turns reading. Whether it's hours in a car, sitting at an airport, or being stuck in a hotel waiting for the rain to stop, there are many adventures to imagine throughout my adventure-filled books. I am sure you will fall in love with Tye, Tess, Tea, and their mother, Miss Virginia. She a beautiful feline, and she's ferocious when she needs to take care of her people, no matter where in time they may live.

Speaking of ferocious felines. I received my weekly update on Tornado Theo.

If he could talk, I imagine he would be saying, "Let me show you what I can do with this yarn!"

If your Spring Break adventure takes you along the roads and highways, please drive with safety in mind. Remember, the big wheelers are carrying our goods across the country. Be respectful, and never cut them off. It takes a long time for those big trucks to stop, especially going 70 MPH. When it rains, it's even worse.

Whether at home with my books or on an adventure-filled trip, have a delightful Spring Break. ~Laura Beth

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