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Besides a SeaCritture, Be on the Lookout for Hag Stones!

Besides canvassing the beaches for beautiful shells, some beach stones are exciting discoveries. As you may already know, I began picking up beach stones and coral years ago when I discovered, aka created, my first adorable SeaCrittures.

What if I told you that you could find a rare stone on the beach? The oceans are full of treasures that may find their way onto a beach near you, especially after a storm. One way of checking out a rock is for its magnetic properties.

I found the two silver-veined rocks after a bad storm in the Gulf of Mexico about a hundred feet from each other. See the silver veins in this one to the left?

Maybe these silver ore rocks came from the ocean floor. Or, they possibly came from marine vessels that sank during horrific storms or war. It sure was exciting finding them lying on top of the sand.

I found the small, darker stone using my metal detector. I wonder if it is a fossil. As you see, it has magnetic properties. (Click on the pictures to get a good look.)

But wait, an even more exciting type of stone may bring you lots of good fortune. Hag stones have naturally created rounded holes. Supposedly, these "holey" stones are magical.

"According to those familiar with the supernatural features of the stone, it would be very much ideal if you come across a hag stone naturally, as opposed to seeking it out yourself." I will leave it up to you to believe in the magic of the stones, especially when it comes to being the "gateway to the land of fairies!"

In my seven-book family saga, young Jake discovers a stone possessing magical powers. As I love to say, "The magic and the mystery never end!" - Laura Beth

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