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All the Magic of the Season from Around the Globe

For many of us, December begins the most festive season of the year when we countdown to Christmas Day, the 25th of the month. And yet, other holidays are happening around the globe.

Whatever you may celebrate during the last month of the year, part of the season's magic is the traditions we hand down from generation to generation. For some, it may be the special foods we cook. For others, it may be the games we play, the plate of cookies we leave for Santa, or an elf magically appearing around your home. It's never too late to begin your "Magical Christmas Traditions & Fun."

What a great idea for anyone without a chimney. Take a book, maybe a journal to document the holidays, to hold the magical key Santa needs to tiptoe into your home on Christmas Eve.

When I think about the magic of traditions, my seven-book series tells of century-old traditions that magically travel across time. As you read my final book, The Magic and The Mystery, you will find it magical that I wrote the final chapter of my last book as I started the first book. From there, the words easily flowed to write the years from the beginning to the end. And yet, it may never end. 

Continuing to celebrate National Cat Lover's Month, my books tell of unbelievable cat characters. You will be amazed by the mysterious mother cat, Miss Virginia. You will chuckle when you read the crazy challenges Lacey and Jillie experience owning Tye and Tess, and Nadia's Sweet Tea will tug at your heart. It's an adventure-filled series for the holiday break for young readers.

As I close this week's blog, I will take you to a home in North Carolina where Theo gives a family an action-packed holiday experience, a tornado moving through the house. As you know from reading former blogs, Theo is a deaf kitten, growing up fast and becoming fearless. Enjoy a few cat cartoons circulating within our family as we hear about Theo's antics.

Not hearing noises gives Theo the confidence not to fear things that my cats do. For many cat lovers of deaf or hearing kitties, I'm sure you can relate. - Laura Beth


"Ribbons! I love everything about Christmas. Until next week~

Have a Very Meowy Holiday!"

-Tornado Theo

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