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November is a Memorable Month for the Books and History

You may not be aware of all the holidays and observances that happen each month. November, like every month, has lots of meaningful occurrences to remember and celebrate. For some, there are traditions we look forward to every year.

While November 1st is National Authors Day, the entire month is National Novel Writing Month. During the second week of this literary month, a lot is happening during National Children's Book Week.

One of the things I love to hear when I get a chance to be in front of young readers is how they would love to write a book. November is the perfect time to gift a child a book to encourage them to write. If you have a young writer in the family, 321 Creative Writing Prompts by Lisa Dyer is something you may want to check out. I found it at FIVE BELOW.

Something to make you laugh, and my sisters thought the same as me. We all thought FIVE BELOW was a store for winter sporting goods. So glad I found out that it's a fun store to find cute things.

Moving on to November 11th, Veterans Day is such an important day to remember those who have served and are serving our country in the military.

Throughout the entire month of November, it's a time to celebrate Native history and culture. November 24th is Native American Heritage Day. I am both excited and proud to mention my adventure-filled family saga, where you will read my imagined tale of families joining forces across time to save their family land forever.

Last but not least, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. I love all the food and Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I hope you have an exceptional November and a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. - Laura Beth

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