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A Ragbag Full of a Hodge Podge of Scraps and Ts

After writing last week's blog, my creative juices started flowing. While I was going to make a ragbag, I decided to use a craft bag I already had on hand, purchased for holding my yarn and tools for crocheting.

My thought is to share my progress as I create two different types of quilts. One will be a memory quilt, and the other will be something pretty, pink, and purple.

As I gazed down at the pile of Ts, I realized how some printed words made me think of my adventure-filled series. If you have the time, you will love reading how three cousins discover their destinies, nothing anyone could imagine, much less dare to take on the challenges.

So, my ragbag is overflowing with scraps and Ts that will all come together to create two one-of-a-kind quilts. (I cannot take credit for the pink and purple quilt shown, but I wanted to show a beautiful one all done.)

Crocheting is another way to create beautiful and meaningful heirlooms of art. Featuring my very own Tyeger Boy, this is a crocheted blanket I found at a thrift store, where I love to look for crafting items. This beautiful blue throw took someone hours to make, and I am honored to have it in my care. Beanies and hand warmers are what I love to crochet.

Until next week, Tyeger and I want to remind you to keep safety in mind as you drive along the roads and highways. ~Laura Beth

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