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A Magnificent Destination for Creeping Around in October

Yesterday, I saw that it was Friday, the 13th. Since I can remember, I would acknowledge it, maybe be a bit cautious, but I didn't put much thought into the myth. For one person I know, it was their 85th birthday! For one couple, it was a day of engaging excitement.

This "unlucky" Friday falling in October this year certainly sets the stage for a ghoulishly fun Halloween. It's a fantastic time of the year to venture into small towns, admiring the season decor and discovering a tidbit of history we never knew.

Halloween Decor at The Martha in Abingdon, VA

It just so happens that I spent a few days in Abingdon, Virginia, with a group of dear friends, where we stayed at Creepers End Lodging. Not only did we enjoy the beauty of this historic town and its neighboring communities, but the experiences and sights were fascinating.

You will get a warm welcome at Creepers End Lodging, and you will love the location. You're steps away from the end of the Virginia Creeper Trail, and you're only a few blocks away from Downtown Abingdon. After tasting your way around Abingdon, you can take an evening walk on the trail. We also enjoyed a performance at The Barter Theatre and made sure we stopped at the William King Museum of Art.

When you visit Abingdon, you're only a brief drive to other welcoming towns and cities, where you will love the food, the views, and, most of all, the people.

There is much more to tell, but you might want to creep around and experience it yourself. Safe travels, and, as I say to my readers: "Many happy adventures!"

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