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A Hodge Podge of Cute, Fun, and Good Things in February

First, it's Ground Hog Day! They are about to see if Punxsutawney Phil will see his shadow at Gobbler's Knob! They say he's never wrong. Drum roll, please. The decision is that there will be an early Spring. It's a rare prediction this year. Looks like many people aren't happy. They want some more snow.

If you're sad that the snow will melt away earlier than you want, you can always build a sandman like the one I met walking along a Florida beach at sunset. Yes, it was cute and tiny and caught my attention.

Second, the Detroit Lions are not going to the Big Game. In honor of a few characters in my book series, I am picking the Kansas City Chiefs! If you're curious, start with JAKE - The Gatekeeper.

Third, it's Valentine's Day this month. Candy doesn't have to be the only thing you gift. There is a group of ladies who knit beanies for newborns. As I have been teaching myself how to sew, I wanted to make a dear friend a "Grandma's Diaper Bag." I know it will hold lots of love and candy.

Then, there is always more news about Tornado Theo. His human mommy made those beautiful beanies, and he had fun stealing the yarn. He's been exploring in the cabinets and refrigerator. Now, he's lounging in the dryer. Life is an adventure with this adorable deaf kitty.

Some readers like that I am talking about road and highway safety. Many years ago, I worked in the trucking industry. Fast forward about thirty years. As a freelance blogger, I have written many blogs on road safety. With the heavy congestion across the roads today, it's important to be alert and help our truckers safely deliver the things they haul across the country for us. If you're joining my blogs for the first time, read my earlier 2024 blogs for bits of road safety reminders.

One reader sent me this webinar link for companies to make it better for their truck drivers. Mark your calendars for February 21st. Thank you to my reader for taking the time to share.

Until next Friday, be safe on the roads. ~Laura Beth

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