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A Fascinating Discovery after Cracking an Egg

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

It can be exciting to find an egg with multiple yolks. I don't know how many, but I have discovered several double-yolk eggs in my life so far. Just last year, I had one.

But, in 2018, I had a triple yolk. It's so fascinating, and I kept the picture on my phone. When you research the odds of cracking an egg with triple yolks, it's "1 in 25 million!" I've been waiting to share that with the world.

When you have three eggs, you can create a delicious quiche. I am sharing a friend's recipe that I have used many times.

Growing up on my grandparents' farm, I grew up around chickens, and they were everywhere. Our chickens were free to roam anywhere they wanted. One of my jobs was to help find the eggs for my grandmother. They could be in the barn, under a bush, or just about anywhere.

Here is a tidbit of farming know-how. Once we discovered a new nest, we marked one to leave there, hoping the chicken would return to lay more. The one thing you didn't want to do was break the marked egg, especially when it had been there for a long time. Trust me, the smell was haunting, and it haunted me in sixth grade. For some reason, the rotten egg smell popped out of my memory and into my head. It made me so sick that I had to go home.

No wonder I didn't mention chickens in my adventure-filled series. However, I do write about a mother cat and her adorable kittens. It was always exciting to climb into the hayloft and discover a new litter of kittens, just as Lacey and Jillie do in my first book, 2 Girls, 2 Cats: A Magical Mystery, where the magic and the mystery begin.

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