Meet "Tea" aka Samsonite Meet "Tea" aka Samsonite Meet: Samsonite aka "Tea" Laura Beth's younger sister and her family found little Samsonite at work. They adopted her and now she spends the day with her at work, catching mice and just hanging out. She kind of looks like she is related to Tye, but they are states away!!! The magic continues. Maybe Laura Beth's sister will allow her to use Samsonite in her books, thus Nadia's little Tea comes to life!!! Doesn't she have the eyes of a cougar? Laura Beth is getting ideas!!! 104870330 Could Tea be a Cougar? Laura Beth is getting ideas for her books to come. It's all so magical that her sister finds a kitten with cougar looking eyes. The books are coming to life and Laura Beth and her family are having such fun. 105300462 Check out the eyes! You will have to read her book number 4, 5, 6 or possibly 7 to find out. She is working on book number 4!!! You're going to love it. 105299242 Samsonite aka Tea being cute. Her eyes are so unique. She is definitely special and was meant to appear just for Laura Beth's new character. How magical. 105613567 Tea taking a snooze. Laura Beth's sister, SJ, has her little helper. Looks like there is some sleeping on the job. Oh well, Tea is going to be busy protecting little Nadia. Laura Beth hasn't written all her adventures yet. 108269490 Tea looking not too concerned. SJ woke up Tea for a cute pic. Doesn't look like she is wanting to really move. Laura Beth thinks she is working hard at night protecting SJ and her family. 108269489