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I am the second of six children.  Although I was born in Queens, NY, I grew up on my maternal grandparents' farm in North Carolina.  To the left, that is me with my grandpa many years ago.  I was definitely a tomboy.  Check out my cute haircut!

My paternal grandparents immigrated to America during the Russian Revolution.  My father grew up in the magical city that never sleeps.

My maternal grandparents were from families with long family lineages in America.  My mother was born and raised on the farm in North Carolina.

My mother moved to New York City, as a young nurse, where she met and married my father.  When I was about two years old, my parents decided to move south, and we eventually moved right beside my grandparents' big farmhouse.  Along with my older brother, two younger sisters and two younger brothers, we grew up on a wonderful, family farm.  There was so much room to roam and that is what I did.  

I loved heading out the door and not coming home until dark.  The adventures were endless. Hide and seek was a summertime event.  Along with siblings, cousins, and friends, we all loved climbing the huge pecan trees that were in my grandparents' front yard. The old tree, which I memorialized in my books as the old oak, was on the way down to the family pond.  It still stands today surrounded by a forest of younger trees.  The arrowhead, which I featured in my books, was actually found by one of my younger brothers. Cats were everywhere.  One of my fondest memories was finding the new litters of kittens in the hayloft, in the granary or under my grandparents' home.  

With my memories and lots of imagination, I have written an exciting, family saga for readers young and old.  You will see my grandfather's old barn and my grandparents' old farmhouse on the covers of:  "LACEY And Her Tigers" and "Graduation Summer" respectively. 

I have an awesome family of humans, immediate and extended, and animals.  I cherish them dearly.  I don't say much about them to give them their privacy.   

I am a graduate of Appalachian State University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Concentration in Management.  I worked most of my adult life in the healthcare industry, and I volunteer whenever I have time with organizations that are dear to my heart.  I still love the mountains and my dear friends there.  Below is a picture which I took and used on my third book, "JILLIE And Her Sassy Cat."                

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